Refinance Home Loans

Take advantage of our great mortgage rates and service to save money and help you achieve your financial goals! Whether you’re interested in refinancing for a lower interest rate, lower mortgage payment, or to convert an adjustable rate into a fixed rate, I’m happy to do the legwork and see if a mortgage refinance makes sense for you.

A mortgage refinance can potentially accomplish the following for you:

  1. Lower your interest rate.
  2. Shorten your loan term so your home loan pays off more quickly.
  3. Get cash out for home improvements, college expenses, etc.
  4. Pay off other bills and lower your monthly expenses.
  5. Replace an adjustable-rate mortgage with a fixed rate mortgage.

What Are Your Goals for a Mortgage Refinance?

There are a wide variety of refinance loan options available, and some options will be better suited to your refinance goals than others. During your initial consultation I’ll probably ask some of the following questions to get an idea of what you wish to accomplish with your new home loan:

  1. Why do you wish to refinance? What do you wish to accomplish?
  2. How long are you planning to keep the house? Are you planning to stay in the house longer than 7 to 10 years? Or is it likely you’ll sell within 5 years?
  3. What is your highest priority? Obtaining the lowest payment you can get or paying down your principal as quickly as possible?
  4. Do you have some high interest debts that are preventing you from reaching your financial goals?

If you take the time to think about these questions ahead of time, it will better help me tailor some home loan options to best fit your situation and goals.

We Do FHA Streamlines

If you have an FHA insured loan, we may be able to refinance your home loan with an FHA streamline. FHA streamlines are great because they often can be done with reduced paperwork, no appraisal, and without adding closing costs to your loan balance, making the loan process simpler and less expensive for you.
Running the Refinance Numbers

Whatever your goals, I’m happy to run the numbers and see how a customized refinance solution can help you reach your financial goals.