Buying a Home

Buying a HomeIf you’re considering buying a home, it probably couldn’t be a better time to do it! Between great interest rates and significantly lower home prices, home affordability hasn’t been this good in a very long time. There’s also some fantastic financing options available, including low down payment FHA.

Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or buying a second home, vacation property, or investment property, I’m here to help you navigate the mortgage marketplace, secure the best mortgage deal you can, and help make your home ownership dreams a reality.

The following are the most typical forms of purchase financing available in the mortgage marketplace today.

Low Down Payment FHA Financing

Low Down Payment, Easier Qualifying, Perfect for First-Time Homebuyers

FHA financing is a great option for first-time home buyers and borrowers with limited funds for a down payment and/or lightly bruised credit. FHA loans offer highly competitive interest rates, but have less stringent qualifying criteria than other loan options. Find out more >

Conventional Conforming Financing

Great Rates and Terms for Borrowers With Superior Qualifications

If you have strong credit and financial qualifications, a Fannie Mae conventional mortgage may be the ideal way to buy a home. Conventional loans offer some of the best interest rates and financing terms available in the mortgage marketplace. Find out more >

Get a Live Rate Quote

Rates are at historic lows! Get a live rate quote for your next purchase loan by clicking here.

Super Conforming For Larger Loan Amounts

Great Rates and Terms for Larger Loan Amounts in Select Areas

Planning to purchase more than just the average home in your area? Depending on the loan amount you need, a super conforming loan may be what you’re looking for. Once considered jumbo territory, super conforming financing offers rates nearly as good as standard conforming financing. Find out more >

Investment Property Financing

Great Rates and Terms for Your Next Investment Property Purchase

Investment property financing is a little bit different ballgame than financing a home you’re going to live in. Not only am I a mortgage consultant, but I also own investment property. Take advantage of my knowledge and experience to guide you through the process and help you get the best possible deal. Find out more >