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I enjoy building community and sharing information, so I welcome your guest blog posts at the Mortgages By Mark Blog!

I write the vast majority of content on this site, and my goal is to always provide content that is well-written, informative, and interesting to my readers. This is what is demanded by readers and search engines alike!

If this is your goal as well, please feel free to submit your guest blog posts below. If your content meets my editorial guidelines and I believe it to be valuable for my readers, I'll be happy to post it and credit you with a link back to your website.

Before submitting, please take a few moments and read through my editorial guidelines below. Note that any posts that do not meet these guidelines will not be posted.

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Editorial Guidelines

The following are my guest blog post guidelines. Note that I will always exercise my own personal discretion when deciding what I will post. In other words, just because a guest blog post conforms to the guidelines below does not guarantee that I will post it. Because of time constraints, I may also not be able to explain why a certain post was not published.

  • Your guest post must be reasonably well-written, informative, interesting, and useful for my readers.
  • It must be related to real estate, mortgages, real estate investing, economic issues, or personal finance.
  • It must be original and not published anywhere else online or in print.
  • Your guest post must not be a blatant advertisement for your product or service.
  • You agree not to publish your guest post anywhere else, including your blog or website. Duplicate content can hurt both your site and mine in the search engine results! A summary or brief teaser on your site that links back to your post on this site is fine, however.  
  • If your submission is accepted, note that I may make some minor edits for readability and formatting. I'll run any major edits by you before posting.
Guest Post Submission

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