Average College Graduate Last Year Had $24,000 In Student Loan Debt

CNN reports that the average college senior finishing school last year graduated with $24,000 in student loan debt, an increase of 6% from the year before. As student debt levels have risen, job prospects have dimmed with the troubled economy, making it challenging for many graduates to repay their debts and get ahead financially. Continue reading

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Fortune: Tax and Regulatory Uncertainty Paralyzing Business

Fortune published a great article recently that highlights how important it is to the economy – and job growth – for the government to provide a consistent and predictable operating environment for business. Continue reading

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Banks May Be Facing Buybacks on Bad Loans

After all the financial chaos of the last two years, the big banks may be facing yet another crisis. Bloomberg reports that “Pacific Investment Management Co., BlackRock Inc. and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York are seeking to force Bank of America Corp. to repurchase soured mortgages packaged into $47 billion of bonds by its Countrywide Financial Corp. unit”. Continue reading

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Officials in 50 States Launch Foreclosure Probe

The “foreclosuregate” mess continues to grow as officials in all 50 states are now investigating mortgage servicers in response to “allegations that questionable documents were used to support potentially hundreds of thousands of foreclosures nationwide.” Lenders such as Chase, and GMAC have already suspended foreclosures in many states due to the document irregularities. Bank of America has suspended foreclosures in all 50 states. Continue reading

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Home Budget Template: 6 Free Tools & Resources Available Online

As I wrote about previously, creating a budget is a relatively simple process in concept. However, if your money is going in a thousand different directions, things can get complex quickly, making it even more important to stay organized. Below are some great tools and resources available online that can help you organize and track your expenses, keep track of payment schedules, and generally stay on top of your financial life. Continue reading

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How to Budget Monthly Expenses to Better Manage Your Finances

Creating a budget for your monthly expenses is essential for good financing health. The following explains how to budget monthly expenses so you can better manage your finances. Continue reading

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The First-Time Homebuyer Tax Credit Has Expired

Congress passed a variety of first-time homebuyer tax credits over the past few years in an effort to stimulate the sagging housing market. Unfortunately, the last of the credits expired as of September 30, 2010. Continue reading

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